Mail Relayed

This graph represents the total number of messages processed by the system on a daily basis. The thin blue line indicates the number of messages received, the shaded area the number of recipients (one message may have numerous recipients). These figures are logged against mail when it arrives, except for Exim which only logs the number of recipients when mail is sent (message count is still based on incoming though) This graph should be steadily rising through the day. Because it is a constant incremental count, it will only increase or stay the same and NEVER go down. A sharp rise in traffic may be related to a denial of service attack or mass mailing. A flat-line of activity can be indicative of service problems.
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`Daily' Graph (5 Minute Average)

Max Average Current
(count of recipients): 857.0  messages     450.0  messages     858.0  messages    
Out 802.0  messages     417.0  messages     803.0  messages    

`Weekly' Graph (30 Minute Average)

Max Average Current
(count of recipients): 854.0  messages     106.0  messages     813.0  messages    
Out 779.0  messages     97.0  messages     767.0  messages    

`Monthly' Graph (2 Hour Average)

Max Average Current
(count of recipients): 854.0  messages     25.0  messages     648.0  messages    
Out 779.0  messages     23.0  messages     609.0  messages    

`Yearly' Graph (1 Day Average)

Max Average Current
(count of recipients): 74.0  messages     2.0  messages     4.0  messages    
Out 74.0  messages     2.0  messages     4.0  messages    
Blue ### Average Messages (Recipient Count)
DarkBlue ### Average Messages (Message Count)
Green ### Maximum Messages (Recipient Count)
Violet ### Maximum Messages (Message Count)